There are several reasons for this charging related issue, for example, the power adapter or the charging cable is not working properly; the charging port of the projector has a problem; the projector is over-discharged.


To resolve this issue, please try these steps:


1. Check if the charging LED is on. Try to use another Quick Charge 3.0 charger and cable if it's off.

2. If the light is on, keep the power adapter plugged in for more than an hour and then power on the projector.

3. Press the power button on the top cover for 10 seconds to reset the projector.


The charging indicator of Capsule is the "Nebula" logo on the top of the projector. Here's what the colors mean:

Solid blue: Projector mode; Bluetooth connected (Bluetooth Speaker mode);

Flashing blue: Ready to pair/Bluetooth pairing (Bluetooth Speaker mode);

Solid red: Charging;

Solid green: Fully charged.